"We think global, we act local"

Our groundbreaking designs can be found in US Cities, urban Communities, hospitality, shopping malls and offices around the world

When we design, we take our design cue from nature herself. the highest compliment we can receive is having our products, whether in urban communities or corporate indoor or outdoor spaces, be in harmony with their surroundings.

Antonius is an independent and multi-disciplinary Business Analyst and urban consultant and designer with a background in industrial design and Sales & Marketing in USA, Europe, Middle East and The Caribbean. 
A global Citizen, CEO, Founder & Partner of Newton Brown Urban Design

"less is only more where more is no good."

                 -- Frank Lloyd Wright

Our firm is leading the way in the global urban & community design business.  

We use our innovative resources and translate your ideas into valuable concepts and solutions. We consider ourselves as resultants (Result).​We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation of your business.

Our reputation of working with successful clients and companies speaks for itself.  We pride ourselves in helping communities and businesses small-large grow.

​Welcome at Newton Brown Urban Design,
a MBE certified company in NY

Vendor Certified for The City of New York

Brooklyn Made Certified

Member of the Chamber of Commerce in Brooklyn, NY

We like design and there reflections on spaces and communities.

Latashia is highly skilled in resolving, office, operations, logistics research and general global business management. A global no-nonsense Business Manager 24/7, 
President, COO, Founder & Partner of Newton Brown Urban Design

Our History

Our Vision

Newton Brown Urban Design (NBUD).  We Advise, Create, Develop and Deliver on Demand.  We are a MBE certified company for the City of New York.

We provide high quality sustainable street furniture, site elements and architectural solutions for urban spaces. Craftsmanship, open communication, smart engineering and the use of innovative techniques with an integrated approach, are a few of our many added values.  We support the use of durable and sustainable materials, while using authentic products to create better environments.  As a representative and ambassador in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, for several international site furnishing collections and manufacturing companies; we have unique domestic partnerships to provide the best local services.  We provide services in English, Dutch, German and Italian. Our vision is to provide and share knowledge to develop better concepts and results for your projects.  Our mission statement is, "Think global, act local".